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Hello everybody,

this question came up in the "How to run a Bug Jam" IRC session: "how do
we best get the word out to people in our locos?"

The LoCo world has grown from just a few enthusiasts in a couple of
countries to fully-fledged city teams and LoCo teams in almost all the
countries of the world. Most LoCo leaders are on the loco-contacts
mailing list, but how many people in a random city of your LoCo (who
don't read or the Fridge, etc) do find out about new
intiatives or a world-wide event?

Finding a simple answer to this question will give us lots of benefits:
 - World-wide participation in events like the Global Bug Jam, the
Software Freedom day, more Ubuntu Release Parties and more participants
in the "which LoCo organised the greatest/fanciest/most interesting
event with the most participants/most handed out CDs/most served cups of
coffee" contest
 - members of Ubuntu Paris will know about the great idea the Ubuntu
Tehran team had and try it too

Do we have a comprehensive list of Ubuntu news sites, mailing lists,
forums, etc. in all LoCos?

Also I'm interested in translations of announcements. If an English
announcement was used on an Austrian Ubuntu site, it could be used on a
German Ubuntu site too. How does a member of Ubuntu Jordan find out that
an English announcement was already translated into Arabic by the Ubuntu
Egypt team?

Apart from more participation and activity on a city level, I reckon
it'd help us a lot to bring together the various LoCo communities.

There are obvious solutions to the technical side of the problem:
 - mailing list (yet another one? loco-news?)
 - RSS Feed (use Launchpad loco-news project plus "announcement" RSS Feed)
 - Wiki-based process.

Do you think that anything like this would make sense? Who would be
willing to participate in the project? How would we get a lot of city
participation into it?

Lots of questions. I'd appreciate your answers. :-)

Have a nice day,

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