Ubuntu-ve LoCo Team Contact Change

Santiago Zarate santiago-ve at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 14 14:13:40 BST 2008

Thanks for trusting me this role in the comunity... i will do my best!

2008/7/14 Efrain <efrain at ubuntu.org.ve>:
> After having celebrated the 2nd aniversary of the Venezuela Team. I am
> pleased to announce that Santiago Zarate has taken up the position of LoCo
> team contact of the Venezuela LoCo team. I have worked along side Santiago
> for the last 8 months and all the Community Council of the Venezuela Team
> has unanimously agreed on him carrying on the work.
> For the last ten months Santiago and I have worked together and I must say
> his energy and determination really empowers our community. He has served as
> an OP in the IRC channels and has provided support on the Mailing list and
> forums of the team. Much more recently almost single-handedly organized the
> Second Aniversary Party of our LoCo team in Caracas (lot's of people are
> still hungover, wait for the pictures).
> It is also good to know that this is the third time the team has changed
> contact and it has been a healthy and fairly fluid transitioning process.
> the new contact will count with the support from me as a past contact should
> he need anything.
> Congratulations Santiago and keep up the great work
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