LoCo web hosting: Calling all users of the ServerPronto machines

Chris Jones chris.jones at canonical.com
Fri Jul 11 11:08:38 BST 2008

Hi folks,

For some time now Canonical has been offering LoCo teams hosting of
drupal sites, wordpress sites, moin wikis, and planets. These are hosted
within our datacentre and managed by our SysAdmins.
Previously Canonical sponsored some servers which are hosted by
ServerPronto and managed by community SysAdmins.

We intend on ceasing the ServerPronto machines at the end of this month
(July), and a majority of LoCo sites have already moved to either our
hosting, or their own. Most of the remaining sites are being migrated at
the moment.

However, we are having problems contacting a few of the remaining sites.
If people from the following teams read this list, please contact me
ASAP. Or if you know of a way to contact people from these teams, please
let me know.

  * ubuntu-in (India)
  * ubuntu-ph.org (Philippines)
  * ubuntu-au.org (Australia)

Chris Jones
   cmsj at canonical.com

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