Best Practices: Getting the word out?

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Tue Jul 1 08:58:32 BST 2008

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Julius Bloch schrieb:
> For me this are to much informations on one wikipage. I think it would  
> be better to collect this informations on a wikipage about the locoteam.

... and maybe have a CategoryLocoNewsResource or something?

> If somebody is intersted in news he can subscribe to ubuntu-news-team  
> and he will get all informations he needs.

Can we make a call for news site editors and news enthusiasts to sign up
and pass news on to their local news sites?

>>> Last time(Release notes) we spread it around on the loco-contacts list
>>> and at irc #ubuntu-marketing and #ubuntu-locoteams
>> That's probably not a bad idea, but the information is not persistent there.
> loco-contacts is very persisten;)

I was referring to IRC. :-)

>> I agree that we need to be careful about adding more infrastructure when
>> other parts of our infrastructure are probably under-used.
> Yes they are under-used, but this is not a problem about missing  
> infrastructure;)
> I think we can add to the locoteam approval process a point where is  
> says create a wikipage and document who is doing what in your  
> locoteam. So we have a overview who is doing what. And we can spread  
> around that there is a ubuntu-news-team mailinglist.

That would be absolutely awesome. It's not related to "news" but
information about venues that were used in the past, contacts in general
would be great. Maybe we can agree on wiki categories to make these
entries findable?

Have a nice day,
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