Best Practices: Getting the word out?

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Tue Jul 1 07:11:26 BST 2008

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Julius Bloch schrieb:
> Normaly the person who is on the loco-contacts list or who reads the  
> fridge will push it into his locoteam.
> So we will have a decentrale communitcation structure.

I wonder how actively this happens. I'd imagine that LoCo contacts are
usually very busy with high-level organisation and probably not editing
news sites themselves - so we lose a lot of event information somewhere
in the craccks.

If we had some place that news editors of Loco sites or people on a Loco
 mailing list (or Loco City mailing list) that are enthusiastic about
events etc could check we'd better share the workload and wouldn't
expect the Loco contacts to do that.

>> Do we have a comprehensive list of Ubuntu news sites, mailing lists,
>> forums, etc. in all LoCos?
> We have w.u.c/LoCoTeamList

I agree that the page is a good start, but it's missing something like
"contact details for news site X" or "city team mailing list", etc.

> Last time(Release notes) we spread it around on the loco-contacts list  
> and at irc #ubuntu-marketing and #ubuntu-locoteams

That's probably not a bad idea, but the information is not persistent there.

> I think we don�t need more, what we need is a review of the things we  
> allready have(IRC,, ubuntu-news-team mailinglist,  
> uwn, w.u.c, launchpad).

I agree that we need to be careful about adding more infrastructure when
other parts of our infrastructure are probably under-used.

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