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Brian Burger blurdesign at
Tue Jan 22 03:03:32 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I'm the web contact person for Ubuntu Canada; last year we had
Canonical's loco-hosting folks set up a Drupal site for us - our
previous website had been home-hosted & static, we wanted something
that more Ubuntu Canada members could contribute to easily.

However, the default theme in Canonical's Drupal installation includes
a whole bunch of links that're built right into the theme and broken
in any website but whatever it was originally designed for.

There's also no way to edit a theme in the standard Drupal
installation we've been given - no SFTP/SSH access info has ever been
passed on, and Drupal's theme editor module isn't installed by

Worse, I've been waiting for four months (and three emails so far) for
any response from rt at on fixing these issues. I've gotten
NOTHING back, not even a short, "Hey we'll put you in the work queue
and get back to you shortly." - just nothing.

Meanwhile, the Ubuntu Canada site is broken, unthemed and unfixable.

I sent the first email back in early October, have sent monthly emails
since then asking for information, and gotten exactly zilch, nada &
nothing in reply.

So does rt at actually work, or is it just routed to dev/null?


Brian Burger
Ubuntu Canada Webmaster (for my sins)

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