New Launchpad plugins for Drupal (MTecknology)

David Giard swe3tdave at
Sun Dec 14 06:18:34 GMT 2008

I made a complete Loco Drupal release, ready to install. The only thing
missing is openid-launchpad but the most important part is in
openid-teams anyway.

I had to modify the core openid module along with some other things to
make this work. i'm not entirely sure what is needed and what is not so
you should use the complete package, as is.

And PLEASE, Do your backup before you upload this on any working web
site. Or create a copy of it somewhere and test it before to be sure
that the update will work.

Have Fun:

David Giard

Fabian Rodriguez a écrit :
> Michael Lustfield wrote:
>> The site specifically states that thew were released for the 5.x version
>> of Drupal. It has not been created for version 6 and it could very well
>> be a very long time before that's done. The reason is because of the
>> code base change between 5.x and 6.x versions. Fortunately, anything for
>> 6.x should have an easy switch to 7.x since 7.x will be very similar.
> One of my team members (Ubuntu QC) has already adapted them to Drupal 6.
> And yes, I forgot I am still the contact for u-qc :)
> I believe at some point he'll make it available on Launchpad:
> Feel free to contact him directly, specially if you want to help.
> If open ID shows up on , you will know he's done :)
> Cheers,

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