Fwd: [ubuntu-web] New Ubuntu LoCoTeam Theme for Drupal 6.x

Russell John russell.john at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 27 20:04:07 BST 2008


On 28/08/2008, David Giard <swe3tdave at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Hi everyone,
>  i have been working on a 6.x Drupal Theme for the Ubuntu-Qc.org web site
> because our 5.x install is very buggy. We have to start from scratch and put
> everything back in a new install with a new database. So, with all the
> problem i had with Drupal 5.x i decided to use the 6.x framework theme, to
> create a new one with the same look people are use to see at ubuntu-qc.org.
>  I also took the time to create a theme with the original Ubuntu.Com
> Graphics and i called it "ubuntu-loco". While my goal at first was just to
> replicate the look, i did a lot more than that. The upper-right menu is
> completely working, as long as you install the nice_menus modules, you just
> have to add you menu items on the "primary-links". You can even add sub-item
> and they will be converted as drop down list, just like the Ubuntu.com web
> site. I also made some change to the original frame of drupal web sites. I
> moved the right sidebar beside the left bar and i added a new header and
> footer sidebar. I also modified the theme so that the right, header and
> footer sidebar would hide when you are on a add, edit or administration
> page.
>  And yes, i took the time to ask permission. Matthew Nuzum, the creator of
> the Official Drupal 4.7 theme for the ubuntu.com web site told me there will
> be a few "rules of thumb" to respect regarding the look and feel of your web
> site if you use the Ubuntu LoCo Theme:
>  "Yours looks great though. Here's the "rule of thumb" regarding the
> look and feel - if its for an official loco team website and they've
> denoted that they are a community theme by making a note of it in the
> logo area (like you've done) then we don't mind them using it. We've
> had to do the painful thing lately and ask a couple non-official
> Ubuntu related sites (not locos) to change their theme because the
> news agencies were getting confused and they featured advertising and
> unofficial content.
> So I'm absolutely OK with you sharing the sources of your theme and
> also OK with loco teams using it as-is. I'm also ok with anyone in the
> world using the theme as a foundation to look at and learn from or
> modify for their own use, but if they're not an official ubuntu site
> they need to ensure they change the look enough to make it distinct
> from ubuntu.com."
>  Both theme are currently in use on our test site at http://ubulys.org. You
> can download the most recent releases on launchpad:
>   https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qc.org/6.x/1.0.3
>  Enjoy! :)
>  David Giard (Swe3tDave)
>  Ubuntu Quebec
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