Dedicated time for native language in OpenWeek

Rubén Hubuntu hubuntu at
Thu Aug 21 15:03:24 BST 2008

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 3:26 PM, Christophe Sauthier
<christophe.sauthier en> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 3:22 PM, Sav vas <vicedar en> wrote:
> > I believe that the name is the least of our concerns right now, just
> > about how many people are interested to see an ubuntu open week in
> > their native language, in numbers and not "many people"? No offense,
> > it's a wonderful idea, but it would be pointless to do a massive
> > translation and collaboration like this one for only 5 people.
> I completly agree with you Sav.

UOW happens right after every Ubuntu release. The more buzz we manage
to create in our local communities previous to the release the more
people will know about the ubuntu release at all, not to mention the
existence of our global community and the UOW.

Now there are arenas where people will sit down and listen to LUGs and
LoCos in general. It is in these arenas that we can create some
awareness of UOW, and what a plus if we could mention that there is a
day dedicated for the (X) language. Imagine if many LoCo teams
worldwide could say so!

The Software Freedom Day (20th of Sept) will be one of these arenas. I
know there are lots of people trying out Ubuntu right after the
release and nothing would be better for us than telling them that they
can come by and be part of our sessions without taking into
consideration their language knowledge or lack of it. Just join in
your terms, delivered by your local (as in local language, not
geographically speaking) community.

It is about time that we take the language barrier problem seriously.
It is keeping A LOT of people from using Ubuntu and we could more
effectively deliver a better ubuntu experience to all of our users, in
any language, if we start thinking that way.

> >
> > One international day for all languages sounds good to me! :)
> > But if the international day gets huge interest in the meantime, would
> > you reconsider and extend the day to more days?
> I think we need to start little : one day of may be half a day....

Yes, one day should do, but keeping the door open for an extended
period of paralell sessions shouldn't be hard to do either.

Maybe we should start working with our ideas in the wiki:

I believe it is better to participate and spread knowledge in
different places and languages than translate the logs afterwards.
Even though it takes more work it is definitely worth it, specially
since this would make the different audiences feel more at home, in
their own terms.

>        christophe


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