Dedicated time for native language in OpenWeek

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Thu Aug 21 12:05:19 BST 2008

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> Dear fellows,
> OpenWeek is coming in the next weeks/months. So we have some time to
> organize it....
> I am wondering if it might not be the opportunity to have a special time
> slot to allow sessions in native languages. I mean we all want to promote
> ubuntu, and it is one of the OpenWeek goal too. But it is not
> everyone who has English as a mother tongue. So providing some parallels
> sessions (on the same topic) in various languages might be a great asset...

This is something we dream. We need to be little masters atleast, before we
can handle such sessions in our Language.

Best wishes for other teams conducting sessions in their languages. We will
plan and take efforts to be there in near future.


Sri Ramadoss M
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