Dedicated time for native language in OpenWeek

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Thu Aug 21 10:35:22 BST 2008

În data de Mi, 20-08-2008 la 15:39 +0200, Daniel Holbach a scris:
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> Christophe Sauthier schrieb:
> > Could be great... The only question I have is the choice of the
> > saturday... I think we need to figure out if it is the better choice.
> > Most people are not available on Week Ends... May be we can have one
> > day / half a day from inside Monday - Friday instead... I would also
> > tend to think that it is better to have it at the beginning so that
> > people who follow that international session, would be able to try to
> > attend an english one after...
> Or do it a week after Ubuntu Open Week? A French day, a Italian day, etc.?
I don't think we need a full week.
Maybe a day during or somewhere near (in time) to the Ubuntu Open Week.
Don't forget that different time zones are a characteristic of
localization and we need to set each channel meeting time according to
it's timezone.

Having a localized chatroom would be very useful!  

Just my observation.


> Have a nice day,
>  Daniel

Adi Roiban

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