Dedicated time for native language in OpenWeek

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Wed Aug 20 14:43:56 BST 2008

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 3:39 PM, Daniel Holbach
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> Christophe Sauthier schrieb:
>> Could be great... The only question I have is the choice of the
>> saturday... I think we need to figure out if it is the better choice.
>> Most people are not available on Week Ends... May be we can have one
>> day / half a day from inside Monday - Friday instead... I would also
>> tend to think that it is better to have it at the beginning so that
>> people who follow that international session, would be able to try to
>> attend an english one after...
> Or do it a week after Ubuntu Open Week? A French day, a Italian day, etc.?
That is another possibility indeed...
Thus It could be very problematic to get one day for each language...
And personally I'd rather see that sessions include in the whole
OpenWeek... But that is only my opinion.

It would be great to have more feedback on that (just like you and
Ruben did), in order to get something that please the most people....

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