8.04 Press Release Translations

Nick Ali nali at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 11 05:09:33 BST 2008

We have access to parts of the official Canonical press release for
8.04. It would be helpful if LoCos could translate it and pass it on
to local media outlets once Canonical releases it officially.

Translations are already in the works for the following languages:


If a LoCo is interested in translating to a language not listed above,
please stop by #ubuntu-marketing and ping me (boredandblogging),
Martin (beuno), or Cody (cody-somerville).

VERY IMPORTANT - We must absolutely must respect the embargo on this
press release. This means the press release cannot be given out to any
press agencies, or posted on blogs, wikis, mailing lists, or any other
publicly viewable web site. We don't want to mess this up, because it
will be harder to get official press releases next time. Therefore, we
will only hand over the press release to LoCo members who are Ubuntu
members. If your LoCo doesn't have any Ubuntu members, stop by
#ubuntu-marketing and we can discuss it.




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