Who Is LoCo?

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Bingo!  *Perfect* definition.  I haven't heard it said or seen it
written better.  Well done.
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Martin Owens wrote:
>> Ok then by that definition I'm probably a LUG because I promote everything.
>> But I still don't want to exclude you from advertisement at my Linux Fest
>> and I don't want LoCo to exclude LUGs from advertisement that want to help
>> LoCo by promoting every Linux distro. Maybe what we need is a common ground
>> site. One like this http://www.listphile.com/Linux that lists every location
>> and what it is. By using this particular site you will be getting more
>> traffic and if others from other states and cities see this site listed on
>> your site they will find closer groups that they can get to. This will get
>> rid of the frustration of finding support. So yes I think that every LoCo,
>> LUG, or whatever should use this map site and also promote it. Is there
>> anything wrong with that?
> The focus and definition is different, a LUG is a _user_ group, a LoCo
> is an advocacy group; they have very different memes and quite
> different events. A LUG will just sit there and server it's members,
> it will put energy into getting people to join the group (LUG) where
> as a LoCo should not be putting effort into getting people to join
> their LoCo, they should be putting all energy into promoting Ubuntu or
> what ever it is because LoCo members will drop out of the expanding
> user base.
> The difference is that one cares about existing users and one cares
> about new users; each has members which can be shared but the actions
> expected and taken by those users are different; I don't expect normal
> users to join my LoCo unless they want to help out in some way.
> Best Regards, Martin Owens

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