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Wed Sep 12 15:13:01 BST 2007

The topic for the next IRC meeting for the US Teams Mentoring Project is
tentatively scheduled for Sept 29th, 16:00 UTC.  Keep an eye on this
list, and #ubuntu-us for possible changes.  This meeting will be held in
a fashion similar to Education week, and the CC meetings.

#ubuntu-us will be moderated during the meeting, giving voice only to
the mentors of the project, a few key LoCo leaders and the person who
has a concern.  In order to voice your concern, you must include your
name/nick and concern on
 Those listed on that list will have their concern or question addressed
in the meeting, and they will be voiced giving them a chance to present
and argue their points.  The points and concerns will be met with open
minds, and a willingness to discuss and address them in a professional

There will be a separate channel, #ubuntu-us-discussion, where
discussion about the meeting itself will take place.  This will be a
sacrificial channel, at which when the meeting ends, so does
#ubuntu-us-discussion, and all US Teams related LoCo chat will continue
in #ubuntu-us or #ubuntu-locoteams.

Now is the time to weigh in your voice concerning tax exemption,
financial funding and legal liability concerns.  This is a hot topic at
the moment, and I would like to see anyone and everyone's input on this
matter.  Of course, this discussion extends past just US Teams, to LoCos
in general, as we have seen it on both mailing lists.

Please forward this mail to your respective LoCo mailing lists to get
the word out.

Until then, let's keep our energy focused on building our LoCo team,
documentation, member recruiting, community events and general LoCo

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