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Sav vas vicedar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 10:54:11 GMT 2007


I was told that the founder of the Cypriot LoCo team had some problems
creating the mailing list, therefore I'm sending a copy to all of the
parties that are probably involved.

The founder ( SoteriouLoucas at Freenode ) has contacted Jono Bacon
several times (email and IRC) as he claims, but noone replied back or
informed him of the process of the mailing list creation.
I'd like to know what is the reason for this big delay. Can anyone
check if there is an ongoing process for ubuntu-cy loco team mailing
list? If not, I'd be grateful if anyone could start a mailing list for

savvas at Freenode, Undernet, Netshop-ISP
#ubuntu-cy - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CypriotTeam

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