ATTN: LoCos using Drupal (or Drupal Tools)

Jacob Peddicord jpeddicord at
Tue Jul 31 16:45:35 BST 2007

Hey LoCos,

As you may or may not know, Drupal 5.2 was released on Thursday as a
security and bugfix update. If your LoCo site is running a vanilla Drupal,
you are strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest version. Details are
provided on the Drupal site:

Be sure to read the "Important Note" near the bottom.

If you LoCo site is using LoCo Drupal Tools [1] then you should upgrade
using the LDT version, which can be downloaded here:

Upgrading is the same as upgrading the default Drupal version, however a
small change was made to the location of the default theme. After the
upgrade, if you end up with more than one Ubuntu07 theme, it is safe to
delete the version in ./themes if you have not modified it.

If you have trouble upgrading with LDT or just plain Drupal, feel free to
contact me.

Jacob Peddicord

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