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Efrain Juvenal Valles Pulgar efrain at ubuntu.org.ve
Tue Jul 24 14:01:11 BST 2007

Hey Leo:

You are in a tough spot indeed, I just had a similar exerience. One can only
find inventive ways to solve our problem. what are you thinking for your
booth? may I suggest you show people how to download ubuntu and burn it  on
a screencast?, also have the .iso ready to burn on a computer and burn at
people's request.

"We can get mad til the cows come home"... but it is time to think of
inventive ways to keep up the spirits...

s**... stuff happens, everyday...

Adversity will always be there...

Keep it up!!

Efrain Valles

On 7/24/07, Leo Gomez <leo.telsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> It's 4:00 AM and I'm sitting in front of the computer and having some
> coffee. Today is a big day, we're going to have a bunch of Ubuntu related
> conferences this whole week starting today. I'm going to give four talks at
> two different universities and afterwards the whole team is going to have a
> two-day long installfest and the next three days (until Saturday) we're
> going to have our mega-ultra-super Ubuntu booth at a technological fair.
> It's going to be a long and interesting week and I should be excited for
> all this but I'm not. In fact, I'm pretty upset... I'm angry, I'm tired and
> I'm frustrated.
> Why? Well... let me tell you a little story about an approved LoCo Team
> getting resources.
> 1. April 12: As an approved team, we requested CDs from ShipIt.
> 2. May 18: I wrote to ShipIt two months later... I haven't received any
> reply from them so I requested the CDs again and took the opportunity to
> change the name of one of the recipients (I was the second one).
> 3. May 23: I received my first letter from ShipIt: They told me the CDs
> were sent a while ago and I should be receiving them soon. (Great news!!!)
> 4. July 03: More than a month later I wrote to ShipIt (again) asking for
> our CDs.
> 5. July 04: The people at ShipIt wrote back and promised to send me the
> tracking number.
> 6. July 10: A week later, I wrote again and asked them to please send me
> tracking number.
> 7. July 11: ShipIt responded: According to the courier company you refused
> the shipment. (?????)
> 8. July 11: I asked once again for the tracking number and the address or
> phone number of the courier company.
> 9. July 12: Finally!!! I received all the info from ShipIt... I was really
> happy... but it didn't last long... the address, phone number and even the
> name of the company were wrong.
> 10. July 13: I wrote once again to ShipIt and requested more information.
> 11. July 16: ShipIt gave me the name of the company.
> 12. July 17: I finally managed to track down the company and they promised
> to deliver the pack.
> 13. July 23: After 15 phone calls and two visits to the company they
> finally came over to my place with... a piece of paper???? Apparently, the
> CDs were held by the customs for an unknown reason. And that was not all...
> ShipIt didn't sent it to me as I requested, they sent it to the recipient I
> specified them two months later (!!)... The problem? This person is outside
> the country right now and isn't coming back for a month or so...
> So here I am, three and a half months later, in front of the computer,
> having some coffee and with a worthless piece of paper in my hands. But it
> could be worse... well... not!!!!  I just received an e-mail from ShipIt...
> they sent me the name and phone number of a customer service executive from
> the courier company...
> I was going to reply to ShipIt and say thank you and inform them about the
> situation when I noticed that the name and the number they sent me was from
> the company offices in Chile... WTF??? I don't even live near Chile!!! I'm
> in Central America for Gods sake!!!
> I'm not upset for the inefficiency of ShipIt, what I don't like is the
> lies and the fact that I feel that they don't respect us, they ignore us and
> minimize us as a team.
> By the way, I have similar experiences with our LoCo hosting (still
> waiting) if you're interested...
> Have a nice day y'all...
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