USA LoCo Consistency

Joey Stanford jjs at
Sun Jan 21 19:29:06 GMT 2007


During the USTeams meeting on Saturday, there was a large discussion
about USA LoCo consistency (or lack thereof).  This was similar in
nature to the discussion that Jono, Melissa, Mark VDB, Myself, and
others had at UDS MTV.

I think we all sort of agreed that we should move to a consistent setup
but we all acknowledged that the reason we were so inconsistent was due
to the LoCo world prior to Jono.  Going forward I believe we agreed to
have everyone on a standard but the question remains whether we should
move the older LoCo's into alignment (e.g. Colorado and Utah).

We also got caught up in the same trap we did at the UDS:  governance. 

I wanted to kick off the conversation on this list with both USA and
Non-USA teams to see if it turns up any viewpoints we haven't considered.



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