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Tue Apr 17 21:26:16 BST 2007

Op dinsdag 17-04-2007 om 14:48 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Joseph

> On 4/17/07, Jason Sandlin <crane.aswp at> wrote:
> > Same here from Alabama. I actually plan on burning all weekend for a tech
> > show coming up May-1st here in Birmingham, Alabama. I am planning on just
> > Buying a few spindles. But I'll be glad to help if needed.
> >  I think the LoCo teams can be real assets to each other. Official or not.
> > We are all part of the same community with the same goals.
> Same here. I've got 500 CD-Rs and 1000 paper sleeves on the way. I'll
> be burning from when Feisty comes out (and people say it doesn't hose
> everything) to the time of the show, April 28th.

If you go to computer fairs / tech shows / etc. and hand out CDs,
especially if you burn them yourselves, make sure that you have a gift
box, and if people ask if CDs can be taken for free, answer "yes, but we
gratefully accept any gifts to help cover our costs".

Many people feel "obliged" to put some money in the gift box...  ;-)

At some fairs we (the Belgian Team) actually gather more in gifts than
the cost we made for the booth space + CD-Rs + (xeroxed) flyers.  At
most fairs it's the other way around, but it still helps us to keeps our
expenses as low as possible.  

Jan Claeys

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