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I'm Irvin Piraman from Ubuntu-PH. I'm simply a hobbyist since my field of
profession isn't close to IT. I'm very active in advocacy and partly with
translation work. Last July we had a very successful early SFD celebration
(a first in our province) and I did an Ubuntu Tour featuring Edubuntu. Since
most of the participants were from the education sector, I'm now in the
process of doing school-to-school advocacy tour.

I'd like to point out though that a lot of people ask where the Ubuntu
office is located. And in the future I'd like to be able to tell them a
local address rather than point them to Ubuntu's or our LoCo's website.

So, Jono good luck to you and hope you make the Ubuntu community rock
harder! Best regards to all Ubunteros too!


: Irvin P. Piraman
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