yann freedoomer at
Fri Sep 8 08:34:00 BST 2006


  Yann Hamon, one of the three ubuntu-fr lococontacts. I'm using ubuntu 
since Warty, but I am not really involved in it's developpment; I 
started the french locoteam with David Larlet as a simple ubuntu 
enthusiast, and since a lot of people have joined, including our third 
admin, Julien Rottenberg.

  Aim of our locoteam is to provide support, documentation, and news for 
french users; we also try to do some advocacy (this year, ubuntu-fr was 
represented in Paris (3 times), Angers, Nancy (2 times), Lille, ... and 
love to start projects related to Ubuntu: books, 
(still need to be filled...), we had an interview project which now 
merged with ubuntupeople, and.. more :p

  Ubuntu-fr is working with ubuntu-de for some time now, for example 
some months ago we went into trouble because of a constantly growing 
amount of users, and decided to share hosting to make it cheaper. We're 
now on what we call the ubuntu-eu servers, which we think should be 
powerful enough to host some other european locoteams... just ask if 
needed ;)

Concerning our internal organisation, we're made of teams; we've teams 
for the forum, the planet, the wiki, external communication, web 
development, [...]... For each team there is one coordinator (not to say 
responsible if something goes wrong :p). Until now it's working quite 
fine that way.

What I especially love about Ubuntu is that community thing; to see tens 
of different communities, spreading Ubuntu around the world, every 
locoteam doing it it's own way, and learning from the others.  I'd love 
to learn more about how the other locoteams work.

By the way, since every locoteam may read this email, just wanted to 
remind that there is the #ubuntu-locoteams channel, where locoteams may 
share experiences, contacts, whatever :)

Else... My favourite colour is blue... Ahm, no, red! Well in fact I 
don't think I have any :p
Anyway, welcome, Jono, glad to have you as locoteams contact ;)


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