vern vern at
Wed Sep 6 15:51:45 BST 2006

My name is Ian and I helped set up the Brazil team after attending the 
conference in Mataro,Spain where the LoCo concept was brainstormed. I am 
living in Amazonas where I work at the National Research Center. It 
seems we have something in common Jono as I was born in the West 
Midlands too (Coventry) although can't say I miss it too much.
I read your article on IBM's ONLamp .For me keeping a 'community' free 
from marketing/accounting/PR is pretty important and it is going to be 
interesting how Ubuntu/Canonical handles the new 'courtships' with 
Sun,IBM and so on.
Its all about the roots,man...don't forget it ;)

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             `- We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at
                the stars.

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