Convincing ShipIt We're Legit

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at
Tue Oct 31 05:19:29 GMT 2006

We're currently trying to obtain Dapper CD's through ShipIt, but are being 
refused, probably because I've already ordered 20 this year.  I've made a 
special request so I can state my case for receiving another 20 CD's.  I'd 
like to suggest that 
a) ShipIt allow larger orders from LoCo teams.
b) LoCo teams be allowed to create their own ShipIt accounts.  --or--
c) LoCo teams be allowed a method to prove their need for larger orders.

I realize there's been abuse of the ShipIt system, and I appreciate their 
caution.  I'd just like a way to convince ShipIt that our orders are 
legitimate.  If there is a more appropriate place to take this suggestion, 
please point me there.  

Dave Thacker
NebraskaTeam Errand Boy 

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