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Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 25 17:12:29 BST 2006

My replies in between lines...

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 09:07 +0200, Jan Husar wrote:
> Hello,
> first of all, there is nothing wrong on that webpage and you are
> complaining like a small child.

even a child has the right to complain and express himself ;)

There is something wrong. That domain is being associated with:

a) the game (actually the LoCo people only new about this site once a
newbie visited it and send email to list inquiring about what was ubuntu
really... a game or a linux distro)

b) the owner of such domain explicitly promoted this game publicly and
send people to try it out at the ubuntu.cl site

c) every time you touch the page content with your mouse, the page
reloads and re-opens 2 pop-ups, advertising his own hosting services and
a buy-on-line site. ALL that has, again, NO relation with ubuntu. 

> second of all, regarding, patens, trademarks, copyrights and so on
> if you don't have register patent, watermark, trademark, copyright in
> that country you are pretty f*cked and there is nothing you can do.

please...CoC ;)

and... wrong again, _because_ one strong reason FLOSS has been kept
alive and kicking is actually the believe that we stand and rise voices
to promote what we think it is a better way to access knowledge and IT,
and that is not the imposing market rule and patents.
So, if we don't have the means to do something, we'll find ways to do

and.. well, I think we do have some legal 'framework' (no idea how to
say it in english) here in Chile, but I'd say that should be last
resource to be used.

> In other hand, even when you have international trademark policy,
> which cannonical maybe have, I can still use ubuntu/ ubuntu logo, od
> addidas logo, or whatever logo when I'm not harming the product or/and
> the company with the presentation. I can use Microsoft Windows in my
> Open Source presentations when I say this program can run under
> Microsoft Windows, it's different when you are doing anti-marketing
> and it's suable which also depends on the mentioned trademark or other
> copyright policy.

exactly... _not harming_

IMHO, 'harming' is misleading people to believe one thing when reality
is different. I would not mind at all if he uses the logo and/or the
domain, as long as the info and the person itself promoted Ubuntu info
and stuff, instead of 'nothing-to-do-with-ubuntu' info and stuff.

And why I bring this issue to the list? Because from a market POV, we
are at a point where efforts should be made towards getting more people
to using "the result of the right choice: freedom" instead of potential
confusion among newcomers to Ubuntu. Actually, isn't it that one of the
objectives of LoCo's ?


Mauricio Hernandez Z.
mhz at ubuntu.com


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