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Sat Oct 14 21:54:06 BST 2006

Op zaterdag 14-10-2006 om 14:58 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Richard
> Advocating to a LUG is sort of difficult, as most of the members already have 
> a certain mindset and a favorite distro. Here in Chicago, it seems that 
> Slackware is still a local favorite,

Yes, advocating too vocally will most likely have an averse effect.

Also, in my local LUG[*] there is a Debian Developer, a security freak
working with BSDs/Adamantix/SELinux/etc., the former Gentoo
Documentation Lead, a Solaris admin, ...
None of these guys is going to move to Ubuntu anytime soon, and some of
them like making fun about "linux for newbies" sometimes.  Just like we
like making fun of them, I guess...   ;-)

[*] LugWV, where LUG stands for Linux en Unix Gebruikersvereniging
West-Vlaanderen (Linux and UNIX user group of the Belgian province West
Flanders), so it's not linux-only.

> however people like what Ubuntu is doing.

Well, I think there are mainly some mixed feelings...  ;-)

> There are some LUGs that call us the newbs of the Linux world, and 
> then they get blown away at the knowledge that comes from the community.

Especially if it comes to stuff like udev, hal, dbus, avahi, ... or
GUI/X-related things.  Some of them like older but more stable software
because they have production servers running or that's what they know
best, so they don't have a lot of experience with many things that we
use daily...

> and I have even been supplying them with CDs for events such as the one Microsoft 
> and Apple just TRIED to do at the Art Institute, but were greeted by Tux and 
> Ubuntu ;)

We want pics of flabbergasted MS/Apple guys!  :-)

Jan Claeys

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