post-advertising floss/interoperability event and it's conclusions

Jan Husar jan.husar at
Sat Nov 18 10:22:56 GMT 2006


last week, there was really interesting intereoperability panel and
some FLOSS advertisment on eGovernment event
where we manage :

1. Floss corner, only accessible terminals for 600 visitors were
runnig ubuntu and fedora core on Sun Ray Server technology (servers
running solaris/opensolaris and gnu/linux)
2. Open Technology stand
3. Interoperability panel supported by European Commission, Sun
Microsystems and Ministry of road, post and telecomunications,
eGovernment department.

Main points from then panel should be advertise, such as

 Serge Novaretti, European Commission, eGovernment Services "Using of
Open Standards and Open Source in Public Administration is a must for
establishing Interoperability to the citizens, self-governemnts and
the administrations itself from the point of view in the projects
runned by Commission"

Erwin Tenhumberg, Sun Microsytems, Open Source group " Main issue for
interoperability is the use of propietary standards in public
administration, there for the first step for the member countries
should be use of Open Standard in exchange documents such as ODF and
PDF/A ISO standards. There are few on-going implementations of these
in several countires around europe, same as in World. Belgium Federal
ICT office (FEDICT) is switching to ODF in internal document exchange
in reading (by 2007) and writing (by 2008) of ODF and PDF/A."

Wouter Tebbens, Self Project, supported by the European Commission "
World wide collaboration in archieving use of Open Standards and Open
Source Software in Public Administration is needed, that's why we
created a collaborative platform for documentation, best know
practices and similliar things around implementations of these

Jan Hochmann, director for security and standards in eGovernment from
the Slovak Ministry of Telecom ""

This is just a part of the whole points, I'm preparing a press release
(in three languages) and I wanted to know, where is the place on to advertise these most important points.

some pictures from the event:

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