How are Loco Team meeting their expenses..

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Wed Nov 8 10:23:40 GMT 2006

U Sri, 08. 11. 2006., u 11:20 +0200, Kaspars Krampis je napisao/la:

> Have you thought about doing some commercial support for local companies?

This is not up to LoCo Teams to do. That would be very dangerous.
Companies are driven by profit and when they loose profit, they give up
on project. You don't want to loose LoCo team cause of the bad

OTOH, having companies that will support LoCo teams and their work is
good bussiness for companies and LoCo team. For example, if comapny
wants to deploy 100 Ubuntu desktops and wants translated software, it
could pay LoCo team to do translation. This way all Ubuntu users would
have benefit from that sponsorship and company would be able to do that

You could get companies to support your conference and let them have a
commercial on flyer or in site, but with their money you can pay the
trip for attractive speakers.

There are lots of other ways to make profit for users and company.

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