How are Loco Team meeting their expenses..

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Wed Nov 8 08:30:59 GMT 2006

U Sri, 08. 11. 2006., u 09:57 +0530, amachu techie je napisao/la:

> Apart from the great Support Ubuntu is giving us, how are Loco Teams
> meeting their expenses?

We had a server mallfunction couple of monts ago. Every member of the
team and others that wanted to help, gave some money. With that we buyed
SATA controller and two SATA disks for our server. We also had
translation marathon which was sponsored by one company and my self. So,
basicly, team is paying for goals it wants to achive.

> We would like adopt good procedures in our Team to manage our
> expenses. For instance when the Edgy CDs arrived the Customs office
> charged us a good deal of amount! 

Yes, that's a big problem for us to. It's not that we have to pay for
CDs; they just return them cause they are illegal (if CDs would be
marked as educational material, then there wouldn't be any problem).
Hopefully, the law will be changed soon :)

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