FOSS at the UN

Jane Silber jane.silber at
Sun Jul 23 11:26:39 BST 2006

Hi folks -

There is a meeting at the UN in New York City on 29 August on the use of 
FOSS in UN programs and at the UN itself.  More info is at

There is a *possibility* that we can have 4 PCs in/near the conference 
room running Ubuntu. I'm wondering if there is anyone in NYC that would 
like to install Ubuntu on those machines and perhaps talk informally 
with attendees about Ubuntu (not a speaking role on the agenda). We are 
expecting about 50-100 attendees at the meeting.   We would arrange for 
the machines and extra CDs to be there.  You would need to be available 
before the meeting to do the install and then for the majority/all of 
the meeting day itself.

If you are in NYC and are interested in this, please reply to me 
directly (jane.silber at 


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