Re-distribuite Ubuntu

Niels Kjøller Hansen niels.k.h at
Mon Feb 27 22:27:32 GMT 2006

man, 27 02 2006 kl. 19:11 -0300, skrev Mauricio Hernandez Z.:
> Hola Rodrigo,
> I respond at the end of your email...
> On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 18:47 -0300, Rodrigo Ortiz wrote:
> > Hi, I from Chile, I have Ubuntu version 5.04 and 5.10. With intention
> > of redistribute them I publish an advertisement in MercadoLibre
> > similar to Ebay, in this advertisement I demand 4 dollars (2.000 pesos
> > chilenos) for delivery to others Ubuntu. Constantly others questioning
> > me in form agressive that is no manner to offer Ubuntu.
> >  
> > The cost of the advertisement is 1 dollar and minimun the mail for a
> > CD is 3 dollars.
> >  
> > This cost is pay for the "client" because the mail and advertaisement
> > is not free.
> >  
> > I need to know if this for is correct or incorrect because there many
> > people take in his name Ubuntu and software libre. 
> Are the CD's you are selling, the same CD's Canonical provided to you?
> If you are selling those CD's then you are doing something absolutely
> WRONG (illegal maybe?).

I am quite shure that it is not illegal, and I personally do not think
that it is wrong. There is clearly little or no profit in this, and the
recipient gets it quicker than ShipIt, and Ubuntu is seen by the public
(the users of the auction-thingy, anyways).

I have done something similar. I too, had a feeling that I was doing
something 'wrong', so I clearly stated, that the excactly same CDs were
available from ShipIt at no charge, although with quite a long waiting

Because of a miscalculation, I made 3 DKK (0.45 USD) of profit. I am
saving these for a future LocoTeam meeting. Hey - I could buy a cheap
beer and pass it around!


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