Interview Project - Presentation

yann freedoomer at
Tue Feb 21 12:58:24 GMT 2006

Forward of a mail from Laurent Doyen, in charge for the "Interview project" for Ubuntu-fr.


Hi everyone !

The Ubuntu-fr team is proud to announce you the setting up of an
"interview project".

The aim of this project is to interview once every two months people
working close to Ubuntu such as members of Canonical for example. These
interviews will be published on the Ubuntu websites.

The reason I am contacting you today is to know whether you would be
interested in receiving these interviews in order to translate them in
your own language and have them published on your Ubuntu websites. The
interviews would be sent to you two weeks before being published on
Ubuntu-fr in order to leave you time for translation.

The first interviewee will be Canonical's C.O.O Jane Silber.
The interview should be sent to you in about a month from now, around
March 20, and published online two weeks later.

For the second interviewee a mailing-list will be open for the locoteams
interested in getting involved to drop questions to be asked to the

Any locoteam interested in receiving the interviews should send a mail
at lodoyen at

Feel free to contact me in case you had any questions or ideas.

Best regards,

Laurent DOYEN, 
in charge of the interview project for Ubuntu-fr.
e-mail : lodoyen at

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