Summary of the LoCoTeam meeting, 2005-09-21

Matthias Urlichs smurf at
Thu Sep 22 12:32:07 CDT 2005

Agenda Summary
 1. Hosting
 2. Trademark issues
 3. Distribution of CDs and conference packs
 4. Relations to Canonical
 5. Latvian Team split

    The current situation of Canonical-supplied hosting is that each
    team can request a server from Canonical. The servers are located in
    the USA, the hosting company is ServerPronto. At the moment,
    locoteams can choose between their "Power" and "PowerPlus" packages.
    As long as the locoteams don't host iso files, there are no further
    restrictions. Contact: Henrik Nilsen Omma <henrik at>.

    The French and German LoCoTeams' new high-performance servers will
    be able to host a few European LoCoTeams. Detailed informations are
    located at  NB: These new
    servers are not yet available; that'll take a few more weeks.

    A third possibility is smurfix' server, which currently runs the
    German team's pages. He can supply low-volume "webspace and/or Moin
    wiki" hosting quickly, for new LoCoTeams. Contact: Matthias Urlichs
    <smurf at>.

    a) LoCoTeams can use the Ubuntu logo etc. for promotion campaigns.
    b) For tax deductions, LoCoTeams should send a formal request to
       Canonical (for now).
       Because the foundation is located in the United Kingdom, this
       will probably not cover tax deductions in other EU states, much
       less non-EU.
    c) if a LoCoTeam wants to create a non profit organisation, it is OK
       as long there is no "Ubuntu" in the name.
    This situation is not satisfactory. The French team needs a
    non-profit organization named ubuntu-something, in order to issue
    tax-deductible donation statements for the donations they received
    this year, and thus plans to set up a French non-profit organization
    in cooperation with the Ubuntu Foundation.
    (Details will be announced when they exist.)

    The problem is that people need CDs and other stuff, and don't seem
    to be able to get them. Unfortunately, at this point in time already accepts requests for Breezy, so people who
    asked for large CD packs for conferences et al. some time ago (and
    whose orders were not processed for some reason) now cannot get them.
    The situation should improve in the future, as there have been some
    changes WRT shipment handling. (Further details were not discussed.)

    Also, there is demand for some sort of press/conference artwork and
    templates; this will be delegated to the ubuntu-artwork (and
    -translation) team.

    At the moment, the quality of communication between the locoteams
    and Canonical does have some room for improvement. ;-)
    Unfortunately, nobody from Canonical who could address this problem
    was at the meeting. Thing left to do:
    a) creating a LoCoTeams FAQ page on the Ubuntu Wiki
    b) discussion with somebody from Canonical at the next meeting.

    No member of the Latvian Team was at the meeting, so we deferred discussion
    to next time. Besides, it was late. :-/

The next meeting has been scheduled for Monday, October 3rd, 19:00 UTC.

-- Armin Ronacher & Matthias Urlichs
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