Shipment of CDs - Getting a huge number of CDs at release time

freedoomer at freedoomer at
Thu Sep 15 06:11:29 CDT 2005


  Jane, you said before it would be less expensive to ship only large
quantities of Cds, and that locoteams could get some cds in advance at
release time. My question is, would it be possible to get a large amound
of cds (consider maybe 10000 - 20000) as soon as possible after the
release, and let us do the logistics for shipping them all over our
country (actually, france)?

  We actually are discussing that with administrations who are willing to
help us do the logistic part, and who even might assign us a budget. A
company told me few days ago they would be interested in getting cds (I
mean, in large quantity, and fast) and that they would even pay for it.

  So, is it possible to get that quantity of cds without waiting 2 months
or more after the release? Could canonical participate to the shipping
costs inside France (even if does not cover all the costs)?

  Yann - Ubuntu-fr

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