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matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com
Wed Sep 7 03:34:27 CDT 2005

Matthias Urlichs writes: 

> On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 08:09:23PM +0100, Matthew East wrote:
>> > 
>> > I understand at *all* locos from smurf are going to move either to a
>> > server @ ubuntu or to a server from a another provider like linode, so
>> > that's why we should define our needs. Am I wrong, or not? 
>> Yes, the situation is not very clear. The message you link does indeed
>> say that the server will be moved, however I have confired with him more
>> recently before he went on holiday that his server will stay where it
>> is, and will continue to host locoteams. Perhaps the situation has
>> changed since that previous email.
> No. 
> Basically, I'd like to continue to offer quick&dirty setup for new teams
> so that they have a place to gather, develop content, and figure out
> where they are going. 
> However, teams who need more than that, in terms of CPU/disk or server
> setup effort, will have to get their hosting through Ubuntu (or find
> their own).

Ouch. Without being excessively pedantic, it's a little difficult for us to 
take the decision of how to host our stuff if we get one message in irc and 
another on the mailing list. You said that your server would be pretty 
powerful after the ubuntu-de migration, and that you were happy for the 
Italian team to continue hosting there. Is this still the case?
We were keen because the server is quite powerful and we believe it will be 
enough to power our wiki and forum. 


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