Summary of the LoCoTeam meeting, 2005-10-3

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Dear Jane,
Thank you for your reply. As you are aware of our SFD related events "1st
National Free and Open Source Software Awareness Campaign FOSSAC'2005 August
16-19, 2005". FOSSFP funded the printing, pressing and publishing of 5000
CDs for mass distribution on the specified rates. We chose a different
printing company and a CD burn/press company from a large list of service
providers and the delivery was made to us in one week.

FOSSFP has an in-house graphic design department, 600 volunteers for
managing packaging and rolling out the distribution. We successfully trained
4800+ people on Ubuntu, certified them from our Ministry of Information
Technology and University of the Punjab. These constituted of trainees from
over 506 companies, the report can be downloaded from: 

The intention behind this is that FOSSFP has developed a strong in-house
capacity to manage the publishing and distribution and since FOSSFP is a
registered NGO and social sector organization, we have accountability and a
Board of Governors who monitor and audit the activity of the organization.
Letting FOSSFP manage the regional needs of South Asia and ASEAN nations
will definitely help in deploying/mobilizing a well managed infrastructure
and adequate human resource base for effectively distributing Ubuntu in the
region. FOSSFP will carry out and effectively manage all the
sophisticated/complex issues involved, trust me, 5000 CDs was a good

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan R
FOSSAC ' 2006 Secretariat
Punjab University College of Information Technology
University of The Punjab, Allama Iqbal (Old) Campus
The Mall, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
Phone #: 92 (042) 111-923-923 Ext: 27
Cell #: 92-333-4661290
e-mail: bajwa at
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Fouad -

Thanks for this. If you forward me off-list contact information from the
production and fulfillment company, I'll get in touch with them directly
to discuss details.  As you can imagine, it is more complicated than
this, as the service needs to include order processing, inventory
storage and management, picking/packing labour, shipping materials.  But
the initial price you give is reasonable, and I agree that it could
probably come down with high volumes (and we would want this provider to
service the region, not just Pakistan itself).  We would define the
region dependent on the shipping costs, so will need to get detail from
the provider on their arrangements with various shipping providers.  As
for samples, the Ubuntu 5.04 CD package is an accurate sample - the 5.10
packaging is physically the same (albeit with different artwork).


Fouad Riaz Bajwa wrote:

>Dear Community Leaders,
>I would like to request the support for producing CDs for .45 Euros in
>Pakistan region ( In our currency the breakup would be
>1 Euro = Pakistan Rs. 71.2191 Rupees
>(rate can be confirmed from the Pak Central Bank
>Single CD Unit burning rate = Rs.14
>Combined Live and Install CD = Rs. 28
>Packaging = Rs. 15 per unit
>Total Cost: Rs. 43
>I believe that when we get it packaged in bulk, the cost will come down in
>packaging. The cost of shipping the CDs will also be very small as compared
>to them coming down from Netherlands or Canonical. We can manage the
>Pakistan region, but don't forget to send us samples to show to the
>and packagers!
>Please let me know your comments and suggestions.
>Fouad Riaz Bajwa
>General Secretary
>FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan R
>FOSSAC ' 2006 Secretariat
>Punjab University College of Information Technology
>University of The Punjab, Allama Iqbal (Old) Campus
>The Mall, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
>Phone #: 92 (042) 111-923-923 Ext: 27
>Cell #: 92-333-4661290
>e-mail: bajwa at
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>Subject: Summary of the LoCoTeam meeting, 2005-10-3
>Agenda Summary
>  1 Trademark issues for creating local charity organisations named
>    ubuntu-something
>  2 Distribution of Cds and conference packs - logistics issuues
>    (ship-it)
>  3 Relations to Canonical - eventual creation of a Locoteams team, to
>    improve communication between canonical and locoteams 
> The provisional trademark draft will be made public and sent to the
>loco-contact list. It was proposed to change the agreement so that it
>continued automatically unless cancelled, instead of the other way
>around. The draft agreement requires 3 people to sign it, and stipulated
>that there be some way for the team to change it's leadership. This
>agreement will only be used in exceptional circumstances and will not
>become standard for all loco-teams as there is a risk of abandoned legal
>structures along with loco-teams
>It was requested again that if anyone can produce CD's for less than
>EUR .45 per unit (that includes everything but the actual shipping)
>please get in touch with Canonical. 
>LoCo teams can request a high priority order on ship-it
>and they can state the specific date the CD's are required for if there
>is one.
>Breezy will be released on 13th Oct and the first CD's will not ship
>until the week after.
>A conference pack is being produced and should be available soon
>((perhaps as soon as 2 weeks time )) and the pack will have a fixed
>number of t-shirts, stickers and leaflets in it. The e-mail address to
>ask for the conference packs will be released shortly  but please *DO
>NOT* send requests for the packs directly to Jane. All the artwork for
>the CDs (faces & packaging) will be placed on the wiki and all
>loco-teams are urged to use the artwork as much as possible
>loco-contacts already acts as a de-facto LocoTeams team and seems ideal
>for this role. This will be raised at the next CC meeting and only needs
>to be approved to become official.
>-- Ian Lawrence ...Ubuntu-br

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