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Karl Fischer kmf at
Fri Jun 17 02:45:59 CDT 2005

South Africa Team Done.

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 08:59 +0200, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> as you probably noticed, the Ubuntu Wiki switched back to Moin.
> That move left a couple of ToDo items for us.
> - Please go to your CountryTeam page, edit it, set its category to
>   "CategoryLoCoTeams" (at the bottom). If you don't change anything
>   else, click "trivial" before you change it.
> - If the page is multi-language, re-arrange the sections so that all
>   text in one language is together. Then, add
> ##language:en
>   (or whatever ;-) in front of each section. That way, the correct
>   language is displayed to users.
> - You need to re-subscribe to any pages you want email for if they change.
> - Your personal page should be in CategoryUserPages.
> - We'd really like you to not spam-or-otherwise-obfuscate your email
>   or Web addresses. Web crawlers can already see it in the mailing
>   list archives, so there's no point to doing it -- on the other hand,
>   there's a huge usability difference between "click on the link" and
>   "copy text, open email client, create new mail, paste into address
>   field, edit address correctly" when people need to contact you.
> - Team pages need links to some members and what they're doing for
>   the team. Please add them if necessary.
> - If your WikiName contains non-ASCII characters, the name of your
>   userpage has changed. You need to find the places where it occurs
>   (esp. the LoCoTeamList page) and fix them, as the automatic conversion
>   didn't catch the problem.

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