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Right now we're using only the wiki on your server, though I'm sure we could 
put PHP to good use in the future. So, while "normal" requirements are 
enough, would there be a possibility to migrate it to a PHP/MySQL enabled 
server later on?


On 6/13/05, smurf at smurf.noris.de <smurf at smurf.noris.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> as you know (or should know :-) Canonical offers free hosting for loco
> teams.
> That hosting currently is done on my personal server. It'll migrate to
> shared virtual hosting at linode.com <http://linode.com> in the 
> not-too-distant future.
> We plan to set up one shared host for teams with "normal" requirements,
> not too different from the current setup except that my personal stuff
> will not be on the system ;-) and a separate virtual server for every
> LoCo which has "special" requirements. (That will include people who use
> PHP.)
> In order to plan that a bit better, I'd like to know if you (a) need a
> PHP-enabled web server, or (b) would like to use any other Apache
> extensions that might cause problems in a shared-hosting environment.
> NB: In somewhat-related news, I had to change the default character set
> on our MySQL 4.1 server to UTF-8 yesterday. Unfortunately the default
> for tables still is Latin-1, and some clients don't tell the server
> that they store utf8.
> If you see problems (most likely, text from the database which looks
> like they've been converted from Latin1 to UTF8 twice), tell me and I'll
> fix it.
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