LoCo team website hosting

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Sun Aug 28 03:49:39 CDT 2005

Jerome Gotangco wrote:

>It would be much easier in a housekeeping/auditing sense to have all
>loco team web resources in one point of contact instead of having 2.
>So in my opinion, it would make more sense if we move all LoCos as
>well as host future LoCos in linode. After all, these teams have
>different needs (eq. PHP/Mediawiki), hence the linode proposal during
Linode was just a first suggestion. We need to learn and adjust our 
plans as we go along :)

We tried Linode for two server, the docteam and the ubuntu-pt team 
volunteered as the first LoCo team. We've realised though that the 
Linode solution is quite poor value since you in reality have to share 
the machine with many other (unknown) users. As a result, the power, 
memory and disk capacity you get is quite small for what you pay and for 
teams with high capacity needs it would simply be too weak, so it's not 
very flexible  either. I think the reason Linode was suggested 
originally was that it was (and is) one of the few providers to provide 
Ubuntu servers.

Rodrigo of the Brazilian team suggested we try 
http://www.serverpronto.com/ which seems good value in comparison. They 
have now set up several servers with Hoary for us which I'll be helping 
to allocate. I'd also like to thank João Cruz from the Portuguese team 
who will be helping me with setting up some of these servers for 
multiple teams.

That beings me to another point: collaboration between teams on servers. 
Because we have a few dedicated servers now and several teams with 
fairly modest needs we will need to share some of the servers between 
multiple teams. This means those teams have to actively collaborate! 
Fortunately collaboration is what the Ubuntu community is all about :)  
It seems sensible that one person from each team acts as server contact 
person and then gets full admin rights on the server. If new software 
needs to be installed or whatever, other team members would have to ask 
one of those admins (from any team).

If misunderstandings or conflicts should occur between teams sharing a 
server (is this likely?), then please ask me to help sort it out, and if 
I can't then we'll ask the Community Council.

What do you all think?

- Henrik

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