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Fouad Riaz Bajwa bajwa at fossfp.org
Wed Aug 10 07:39:23 CDT 2005

Pakistan Team www.fossfp.org and www.ubuntu-pk.org are with you, kindly
allocate a server for us. Keep up the great work.


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Hi all -

As I mentioned before, we are working to provide servers for LoCo teams
to host websites, etc.  There are both technical and procedural issues
to address here.  One plan is to provide a Linode server
(http://www.linode.com/) for each team.  We could help with initial set
up of Apache and moin, but my sense is that LoCo teams would rather
administer your own machines so you would have root access to the
machine and could maintain it as you wish.

So, to try this out, we have a Linode server available for any LoCo team
that wants it.  First team to reply gets it.  If we can work the kinks
out of this process, we'll expand the program and make them available
for all LoCo teams that want one.


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