Launchpad Code down-time Monday 6th October

Matthew Revell matthew.revell at
Thu Oct 2 16:51:46 BST 2008


Launchpad Code hosting and browsing offline 6th October 22.00 UTC

On October 6th Launchpad's code hosting and browsing will be
unavailable for around four hours from 22.00 UTC.

Going offline: 22.00 UTC 6th October
Expected back before: 02.00 UTC 7th October

During this down-time, the following services will be

 * pushing to, pulling and branching from Launchpad-hosted
 * code browsing
 * code review
 * mirroring from externally hosted Bazaar branches
 * imports from CVS and Subversion repositories.

Mirrors and imports will return to their normal schedule
following the down-time.

Non-code hosting parts of Launchpad should be unaffected.

We're taking these services offline to upgrade the hardware that
powers Launchpad's code hosting service. Not only will this help
Launchpad handle the increasing increasing number of people using
code hosting but will also enable us to introduce exciting new
features in coming Launchpad releases.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line.


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