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Matthew Revell matthew.revell at
Mon Nov 24 16:25:38 GMT 2008


Translations submitted in Launchpad are now BSD licensed

We have changed the "Translations copyright" section of the
Launchpad terms of use. Now we require that all translations
submitted in Launchpad are licensed under the BSD licence.

You can find out more on our help page here:

The new terms of use text

The new text of the "Translations copyright" section of the
Launchpad terms of use is:

  All translations imported from sources external to Launchpad
  are owned by the translator that created them. In general,
  these translations are licensed under the same terms as the
  software for which they are a translation.

  All translations in Launchpad are the work of the translator
  that created them. These translations are made available to
  Canonical and in turn to you under the BSD license (revised,
  without advertising clause). We require this so that other
  projects can use these translations as sources for their own
  translations, without suffering licensing incompatibilities.

You can read the full Launchpad terms of use here:

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