Help test Launchpad's new UI

Joey Stanford joey at
Mon Jul 14 20:13:39 BST 2008


As you hopefully have learned from various sources (blog posts,
launchpad-users mailing list, Launchpad podcast, seen on Staging and
Edge, etc) Launchpad's user interface has been updated based on input
from our usability study conducted at UDS Boston and also existing UI
bug reports.  We plan to deploy these updates this week into
production assuming no major issues are uncovered.  With this in mind,
I'm asking everyone who is willing to please help us test these

If you want to play around with the new UI in our sandbox, head over
to  Changes here will not affect
If you want to use Launchpad with the new UI, head over to Changes here WILL affect production.

Please report all UI related bugs you find at  We will be
committing UI updates daily to Staging and Edge until Wednesday and
then polishing updates over the next few weeks to address any priority
issues that might be uncovered.

UI changes are always rather disruptive and we thank you for your
patience and understanding as we make this transition.  We hope you
will be pleased by the end result.

Thank you!


ps.  You can view all UI tagged bugs against Launchpad by viewing

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