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Barry Drake b.drake at
Sat Apr 3 10:45:57 BST 2010

Hi there ......

My new Inspiron mini 10v arrived last week, and I very quickly got 
frustrated with the Dell pre-installed system (Ubuntu 8.4 heavily 
'customised' by Dell).  I'm running Lucid beta 10.04 Netbook edition on 
it now, and can honestly say I'm delighted with everything so far.  It 
works almost 'out of the box' and all the harware runs properly except 
the built-in bluetooth adapter.  To be honest, I don't think one exists, 
and the hardware spec is a bit vague in that area.  lshw lists all the 
internal USB adapters, and I think one of those is connected to the 
hardware bluetooth adapter when there is one.  lshw doesn't report a 
bluetooth anything.  A bluetooth USB dongle works just fine, and my 
Brother DCP 135C printer/scanner is OK.  Takes a bit of installing though.

Only noticeable thing at the moment is a spasmodic crash of plymouth.  
Doesn't actually cause a problem so far. 

Congratulations to the team for excellent work.  I'd never have got this 
excited about a netbook with Windows on it.  Lucid netbook is so much 


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