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Mon Sagullo monsagullo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 09:47:59 BST 2009

I am please to inform everyone that the "Elantech" Touchpad is now working
under Koala Beta. Though it is not as responsive when I boot into WinXP, at
least now, I don't have to plug in a mouse to use my laptop.

Before I went the upgrade path from 9.04, shuffling my laptop between my
workplace and my home, I have no problem with wireless making connection at
work after I upgraded. But last night, my laptop could not connect to my
DD-WRTed WRT54GL at home. And when I went to work earlied today, I my laptop
can identify the APs at work, but could not connect to the same AP I used

Of course, being in Beta, my expectations are more realistic. Just the same,
so far I am impressed with how Ubuntu is turning out to be. Great work guys!

Mon Sagullo
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