Scott Howard showard314 at
Sat Oct 17 14:58:20 BST 2009

Welcome to Ubuntu!

> I went to a site for Contract Bridge Players to download their game
> software.  All of my attempts to
> download and install have failed and I believe the culprit to be their using
> Microsoft and is incompatible
> with my laptop which is 100% UBUNTU and I wouldn't trade it for anything
> else right now.
> Is there a conversion available?

If only Windows versions of a piece of software is available, you
could try using WINE ( It
allows Windows programs to run under Linux. You can also try the
program's website support forums to see if other have been successful
either getting and compiling source code (if it is available) or
installing the software with WINE.

Also, this mailing list is used for testing development releases of
Ubuntu on laptops and should not be used for support. For support,
ubuntu-users at
or see

Enjoy Karmic in a few days!

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