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brecht verhaeghe brechtver at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 07:34:19 BST 2009


I have a hp 2710p tablet pc with wacom tablet.
I used it on Ubuntu 8.10 with the modification in xorg.conf like sugested
It never worked correct (when I went to tablet mode my keyboard and mouse
froze and no log messages)

Now I wanted to test on ubuntu 9.04 (to see if that problem was gone) and my
wacom tablet is commented out in xorg.conf.
Do I have to set my wacom in xorg.conf or should the hal deamon take care of
it because it doesn't do anything now.

On the side of my tablet I have two buttons (for tablet mode) :
ctrl-alt-del button -> works, pops up the menu for sleep mode, shutdown, ...
rotate screen button -> same freeze as I had with ubuntu 8.10, the keyboard
and mouse don't work anymore

If I push the on-of button or the ctrl-alt-del button and the menu pops up,
then my keyboard and mouse start working again and I get a error message:
psmouse.c: Mouse at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost synchronization, throwing 1
byte away

An external mouse keeps working thru this process

Someone has some tips how I could resolve this or have more insight in the
hal deamon?

Kind regards,

Brecht Verhaeghe

brechtver at gmail.com
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