When should ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE be set TRUE?

EmIScA emisca at email.it
Fri Jan 12 08:55:39 GMT 2007

Peter Whittaker ha scritto:
> On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 15:00 +0100, EmIScA wrote:
>> laptop mode is a software that manages power settings of the
>> harddisks....that variable is related to it..
>> see http://packatges.ubuntu.com/laptopmode
>> It is not too used by people because the advantages using it are not
>> too relevant. Try it and choose if use it or not.
> The thing is, I am familiar the intent of the package, and familiar with
> its value. The referenced page - and the rest of my research into this
> setting - does not provide enough information for me to determine
> whether I should activate it or not.
> My thinking is this (and bear in mind that one of my professional roles
> is security consultant, so I tend to bring a reasonable paranoia, er,
> doubt, to my thinking):
> Laptops can be easily detected using dmidecode (for the most part);
> There are distinct advantages to laptop mode (quieter operation, longer
> battery life);
I have done some testing on my two laptops... with laptop mode on, it's 
better only if I leave them idle... on normal use there are no 
advantages and there is the disadvantage that the disk spins up and down 
frequently, and that's no good.
> There are no - or appear not be any - well-documented reasons NOT to use
> this mode (in fact, I can find no reasons at all!);
> Therefore, why isn't it enabled by default when a laptop boots?
Because if you like it you enable it on your machine.. it's only a 
variable... Perhaps for end users it could be better if it's 
configurable graphically (using gnome-power-manager for example).
> My (doubting/paranoid) self responds "Well, there must be a reason! It
> would not be turned off unless someone knew SOMETHING, surely!"
> It's the reason I am trying to determine. You write that the advantages
> are slim. I disagree, based on my use of my machine. But I cannot get
> good documentation about the risks or drawbacks of this mode of
> operation.
> It is paranoia, performance, or puzzlement (no one knows enough to
> enable it, so it remains disabled? I feel that bug report coming on
> strong....
Could you post some battery benchmarks on normal use, using laptop mode 
or not? Perhaps I could be wrong...
> All assistance welcome,
> pww
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