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Gerardo Di Giacomo gerardo at
Wed Jan 10 10:12:20 GMT 2007

> Hi ,
> I am running linux ubuntu and I would like to set up a Chinese language learning program thet normally needs at least windows 98. What should I do to make Windows programs running on my linux. I'm working on A dell inspiron 8100, 1 Mh processor and 512 Ram.
> THX 
> S.J.F.

You "could" try to use Wine. It's an emulator for Windows API, it works
like a charm for some applications, and it doesn't work at all for
others... Just try to install it and run it! Long time I don't use it,
but as far as I remember you need to have a working windows partitions
(correct me if I'm wrong, please).

The other solution is to create a MS Windows virtual machine (with bochs
or vmware or parallels) and install the programs you need there.

Hope this will help you.

 Gerardo Di Giacomo

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