wpa_supplicant & suspend

Emilio Scalise emisca at email.it
Sun Apr 15 11:53:18 BST 2007

It seems that wpasupplicant was stopped after the ipw3945 daemon and 
restarted before.

Perhaps fill out a bug report against the package that contains those 
scripts..so they will fix them!

Dmitri Hrapof ha scritto:
> Dmitri Hrapof <hrapof <at> common-lisp.ru> writes:
>> Before that wpa_supplicant started on resume but exited with error, saying 
>> "there is no such device". And it worked fine when started by hand, 
>> so I decided to make it start closer to the end of resume procedure.
> And I also commented out the "&" in "ifup $x &"

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